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Glenn C. Keller: Certified Ziglar Legacy Trainer
Phone: 504.982.2380
Glenn C. Keller

Public Speaking

Zig Ziglar gave countless presentations through which he connected with members of large and small audiences in a very personal way. One of Zig's secrets was that he fully engaged with his audience as he fully embraced sharing his message. Zig didn't give speeches, Zig communicated openly with honest intention and sincere interest in his topic and his audience.

Custom Services

Zig Ziglar promoted a view of Success that transcended business. In fact, by embracing success in all areas of life Zig was able to help millions become more successful in business. Similarly, the Ziglar Legacy programs transcend any one specific area of business. For a free consultation on how the Ziglar Legacy programs and services can help you achieve you goals contact me directly.

You can have everything in life you want, if you'll just help enough other people get what they want.

Glenn C. Keller
Glenn C. Keller
Phone: 504.982.2380
Cell: 504.982.2380
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Glenn C. Keller Certified Ziglar Legacy Trainer